I love the rain. There is just something about it that makes me joyous. I love the smell of rain, you know, that fresh, wet, cool smell. I love the feeling of rain, how it seems to wash my cares away. I really love the sound of rain, because it always cools my jets. It does not make me depressed, as it does some. Others might say that the clouds and thunder make them feel sad, but not me... I feel exhilarated. I love how rain looks as it hits water. The rain falls into the water and it sends back up another little droplet. I just love it!
The best part of rain, for me at least, is that it reminds me of the timely presence of God. He is fresh, and he refreshes me. He makes me forget about circumstances, even when they seem impossible. He always cools my jets... because yes, I do get frustrated with life. He exhilarates me. When His presence falls into me, another little droplet of me is forced out. Rain usually doesn't come without a strom though...
I don't know about you, but I find that it is when times are the hardest that I feel God the nearest. God is always with me, I know that, but there is something about storms that make me long for rain, and more of it. I want the rain. Rainy seasons are the ones I long for, the ones I wait for.
Rain doesnt only effect the place it lands. Whether it's in soil, where seed is watered, or whether it's in water, where ripples go out and stir the water, rain brings change... I love the rain.


Praise the Lord!

I finally got a job! This summer has really been a test of my faith that God is in control. Time and time again this summer God has proved Himself faithful to me, which has been awesome. It's like with everything that I have done or have tried to do, it gets down to crunch time and then God is like "BAM!, here ya go." Hopefuly now we (and by we, I mean God and I) can get my car fixed too :)
In the mean time, here are some pictures! Sorry, our camera sucks, so most of the pictures are blurry or bad quality...

i told you they were random :)



Today God showed me something. It is very important to me.

"The mountains tremble and quake before Him and the hills melt away, and the earth is upheaved at His presence - yes, the world and all that dwell in it." -nahum1:5

I'm just gonna get real raw and honest here: I have been making it about me, and by it, I mean life. I had forgotten that it is all about God. I know this is a simple and almost cliche thing that we all hear all the time. "It's all about God" I hear it 3 gazillion times a day. Today as I sat reading my bible in between services God spoke to me, He showed me something, He told me something...

"I love you, but what about Me? Do you love me? Have you forgotten who I Am? I miss the times with you where you trembled and quaked and melted before My Presence. The mountains and hills fear me, that's nothing... I want you to fear me."

I sat there thinking, "Why am I so... ahhhh!" I was dissapointed in myself. I had to face myself, my hearts' condition. Time and time again I have said, "God, take all of me... take my heart, my mind, will and emotions..." I have said it all, but have I done it all?

God reminded me of my forgetfulness. My failure to remember who my God Is. He can freaking make the earth upheave because of His presence! I had become numb to His presence. Weariness can take a tole on a person... I know that first hand. But God reminded me that HE does not become weary, and that He is always right beside me. I can lean on Him, in fact, I'm supposed to.

God is good. Even though today I was dissapointed in myself, God wasn't. He loves me. It's hard for me to comprehend that my failures and weaknesses open the door for God to be strong and victorious and loving towards me. It's a humbling path to run.

Today I remembered. I sacrificed my forgetfulness at His feet. It felt really good, but more than that, I know that God was singing over me the whole way, He was dancing all around me. I felt Him. It was more important to me than anyone could probably ever know.

Thanks for letting me be very honest with you. Sometimes God lets us bite the dust so that we can remember. All I know is that the dust is sweet to taste when I am with my God. Thank you God...