encountering Jesus is something I hope to never recover from...

This past week has been an incredibaly rediculous week. I started Cascade Life Commission! It felt nothing like I thought it would. I have been waiting for it for a little more than three years, and now it is finally here. It's exciting, fun, new, scary a little, and God has already changed my life so much because of it. Every single person who is doing the program this year is so incredable: Taryn, Andrea, Sabrina, Brittany, Candice, Lisa, Amber, Stacia, Brad, Tim, Damon, Thomas, Dustin, Seth, and me. We have had such a great time getting to know each other and have already formed a strong bond. On Tuesday we headed of to good 'ol Wild Horse Canyon, one of my favorite places in the world, for Encounter. GOD DID SO MUCH AMAZING STUFF IN MY LIFE! I have been running after Jesus for about three years now and I can most honestly tell you that He has never been so real to me before. That is a big deal to me. There are so many different aspects of God and I had felt like I had tapped them all dry. Can I say that I was awefully wrong! His mercy and grace and love overwhelmed me in such a powerfull way that I am truly ruined for good. He spoke more clearly than ever, ripped out tons of strongholds from my life, and set me FREE! It's really hard for me to put my experience in words because there are no human words that can really do it for me, they can't explain it good enough, or right enough, or to depth I want them to.

So with that... I am now going to run off into whatever God has for me at full speed and I am not going to look back!