Here I come 2008!

2007 has been a completely amazing year... God has done so much in my life and in the lives around me. SO, here's a recap of the year:

Continued in Student Leadership- the program which has really opened me up to God and his purposes

Generation Unleashed-life changing conference in Portland

40 day media fast-even more life changing :)After GU, God asked me to commit all of my free time to him, so I did. He definitely showed up...

Winter Camp (Truth)-God gears me up for the rest of the school year and I break free of some strongholds!

2nd Semester- God divinely sets up appointments for me to share my faith and I got to join a program where I mentor students with disabilities, where I mentored a girl named shelley, who was blind and autistic, and i got to share my faith with her and pray with her!

Ignite the Night-the outreach the Student Leadership planned... all I can say is that we prayed for God to have his hand in it and direct it, and He did! We planned to have it at mckay park, but we got washed out by a hurricane... literally! We moved it to 180 and God totally used our obedience and we saw salvation! AMEN!!!

Moved- We moved away from my dad and into an appartment, which has been hard but God has really grown and matured me...

SUMMER TIME! -I served at the church every monday and wednesday (volunteered, as the school would say) and got school credit in the mean-time.

Student Leadership Graduation- One of the most awesome times... I shared a little about what God had done in my life over that past year and it was truly amazing to hear what others said about the year too.

Summer Camp- Unbelievable! I gave so much to God and got rid of so much junk in my life. I gave my fear back to God, because my way of doing things wasnt working and He totally gave me grace to start new. HE IS AMAZING!!!

School year 2007(thus far...)-Continued in Mentor program and have been loving on kids who dont neccesarily get the love of Christ from anyone... it has been a blast! We have gone, as a group, to the beach and to portland, and each trip has been a great opportunity to get to know them more... i love it!

Student Leadership 2007/2008- started SL again, been really great! gearing up for I heart lapine and GU #2 !!!!

Encounter!- SL had their own encounter with God! I know for sure that i heard him speak, and yet again, i gave more junk to him and let go of some things... (the process never seems to end!) :)

Relationships- God has shown me the relationships that i need to work on... I really had to humble myself and not be so afraid of what people think of me. I cant work on my relationships if i wont step out of the boat...

God has done so much in my life, as you can see :) and God has so much more planned in 2008... I am graduating this year and I am hopefully starting the program Cascade Life Commission, at westside church! I cant wait to see what God will do in this next year... all I can do is be expectant!