Day 40 and Day 1...

Wow... I cannot describe to you what God has done these last 40 days. He has revealed to me so many truths and promises for my life and has broadened my picture of what the future looks like. I count this as day 40, but also day 1 of something new. I'm excited to see what Jesus does. Yay Jesus! Yesterday was the last day of Cascade Life Commission, and even now as I write this, I'm tearing up just thinking of all that God has done in all 15 of us in CLC. I have watched old, dead lives fall away and callings, anointings, and authority come upon all of us in a way we could have never expected. Jesus is so faithful! Mindsets have been replaced and spirits have been awakened... I cannot imagine what my life would be like right now if I hadnt done CLC. I have learned to trust Jesus with my whole heart and learned to find my identity IN HIM. I have watched as everyone else has found themselves in the middle of God's purposes for their lives as they have surrendered their will to Jesus. I'm blown away at the complete perfectness of God's plan. All of us have grown into a strong, immovable, united force to be reckoned with... I know the enemy is quaking in his boots right now because he knows what God has done and what God has called us to.
I wanna take a moment and just give encouragement to my fellow students:
Andrea: Thank you for your friendship this year! God has so many amazing things for you and I cannot wait to see how He uses you! Never stop fighting for what God has done in you...
Sabrina: Thank you for always bringing joy to the classroom. This year would not have been the same without you. Never doubt the authority you have in Christ. Go get 'em!
Taryn: Thank you for letting God change and rebuild in you. It takes a lot of courage to do that. I have watched God starting to unfold in you something beautiful and unique. Dont shy away from it! I love you so much :)
Candace: Thank you for your heart. God has seen your heart and He loves it! You have been an encouragement to me this year... I will always remember this year. Continue to fight for the words He has given you and never tire of doing so. You will change the world.
Lisa: You are anointed with the oil of joy and gladness. Thank you for your gentleness and kindness. Never fortget what God has done in and through you. He has made you a fighter. The world needs you.
Stacia: Thank you for your faithfulness. In small things and large things alike you have been diligent and faithful and God sees that! You have been such an example to me in your faith. Continue to walk in the calling that God has placed on your life. Love ya girl!
Amber: Jesus has anointed you to lead. Thank you for sacrificing this year in order to be obedient to Christ. I pray that God blesses you as you walk out this next season. He will never leave you hanging, trust in that.
Brittany: Jesus loves your childlike faith. Never doubt the power you have in Christ. I have watched you grow into an incredible women of God. Love covers all things... never stop loving. Trust God, He loves you :)
Seth: Thank you for making things fun! Jesus wants to pair your personality with His calling and make an explosion. I see you changing the world and it makes me so excited for you! Never forget where you came from... God will use that to impact those around you. Love ya brother.
Damon: You have a gift and God is going to use you beyond what you think you can even do. God will light your path, never worry about the next step. Thank you for all the laughs this year! (and dont worry, I've forgiven you about the whole messing up my car thing) :)
Dustin: Jesus see's your whole life and He is excited about it! Know that God has called you and chosen you to lead people. Thank you for loving Jesus with your whole heart. Never grow tired of running... Love ya brother :)
Tim: This year would not have been the same without you! You are awesome! Jesus is already using you beyond what you see. Never think that because you cant see it now, He isnt moving... because He is. God has anointed you to proclaim the good news of the cross, walk in it!
Brad: Jesus has placed in you such an anointing to lead young people. The drums are the heartbeat of music and you likewise will be the heartbeat of Christ to those around you. Never grow weary of doing good...
Thomas: I have watched God transform you as you have layed your own life on the altar and sacrificed it all. You have been such an example to me of how I should live with Christ. Thank you for not loving your life, even to the point of death. Continue to be obedient! Im excited to see how God uses you in this next season.
I love you all so much... thank you for being my family. I pray that God continues to change you on the inside and in turn, use you to change the world. I believe that there is so much more we havent even tapped into yet. Dont stop looking, searching, praying, seeking, worshiping, loving, giving, serving, growing, changing, dying, listening, speaking, leading, rising, or trusting. Jesus loves you. He is not finished. He is faithful. He will never give up. He is worthy. He is our Truth. He is our life. He is the only way. Dont loose sight of Him. Be obedient. Dont give up! This is only the beginning...
Walking out of this year empowered, anointed, and ready to change the world,
(Pictures and videos coming soon!)