I love the little joys of life! Recently I have become friends (more like sisters) with a very special girl named Hope. I love her very much! She blesses me and brings joy in my life where it has seemed to be lacking a little lately. I thank God for bringing her into my life. I love getting to know her and can't wait to see our friendship grow more. Hope has taught me a few things since we've started hanging out:
1)It's ok to be silly! I can get really serious sometimes, but she has shown me that being silly is really fun! She brings out the kid in me :)
2)You can eat ice cream, even if it's freazing cold outside.
3)You shouldn't lock people in your car! :)
We have so much fun hanging out! She has also reminded me what child-like faith looks like. I watch her and see how she views situations and her world and am just amazed and constantly reminded of the soveriegnty of God. I easily think that my life is spinning out of control, but she reminds me that God takes care of us. She reminds me to hope, hope in the future and in my dreams and especially hope in Jesus. She reminds me to be honest :) Not that I lie or anything, but honest in the context that if I don't agree with something that's being said or done, I should speak up. She reminds me to laugh at myself... :) Hope is someone who I can really just be myself around, I don't have to pretend to be someone else. We can just have fun together, and I love that!
So for all this and for being lovely, I thank you Hope. You have really blessed my life! I hope you know that I really love you and can't wait to see what God does in your life!
Excited for our next adventures!


Blog #61

Just wanted to post some pictures from the last month or so! Nothing profound to say,
this time :)

First off, I just wanted to show you a picture that I just found on our computer that I have NO idea where it came from or why it was on our computer, but there it is... a llama.
Halloween Party at the Parsons!

The obamas flew in for the party....
Small children should overt their eyes, Tim's kinda scary....

Kaitlyn for homecoming :)
My pumpkin that I carved!
Me and Hope at a baseball game (notice the boy in the back, I think he was having a blast)
Brit and I had a little photo shoot on 2nd street a few weeks ago... it was gorgeous!!!

Kaitlyn getting her senior pictures done.... also gorgeous!

And That's really all I have.