My life is CRAZY!!!

oh my Goodness! Time has flown! I am graduating in like a month and 14 days... Right now, my life is filled with tons of stress in that I have all of that senior stuff to do, they probably couldnt make it any harder to graduate...gosh! Though my life is crazy right now, God has a change in season for me and I am very excited. As stated above, I will soon be graduating (praise the Lord!)and then right after that I will be leaving for mexico for 2 weeks for our missions trip. God is going to move big down there and I am sooooo excited. In the meantime I will need to get a job so that i can save up as much money as possable, because so far my savings account is $0 and i need over 2000 dollars by september. Yes, it is true. I am going to do CLC next year! I cant wait for God to move mightly in my life. He is speaking to me so much, but i know that next year will be a huge and essential part to me growing in Jesus. I will have my last summer camp this year as a student :( sad i know but i know so much is going to happen and it will be like summer camp everyday... which is really great! I will be moving out at the end of August into a host home (with, who? idk) but i think i am ready to be independant, my mom has raised me well! AAHHHH!!! so much! God is so good! there, that is my current life update, without overwhelming you :) pictures of fun stuff to come later. love you guys!