Long time, no see ... :)

So it has been over a month, since my last update... if anyone even reads my blog in the first place, and if you want to know why, here is my reason. I AM STINKIN' BUSY!!! thats my only reason. SO! with that out of the way, here is a random, hilarious video that i recomend watching:


the essence...

The relaxation of thanksgiving break is wonderful. Today I stayed in my pj's all day, watched movies, cleaned, ate, and listened to kenny g christmas... i am in heaven :)
Here is a little inspirational poem i wrote...
cinnamon and ginger
nutmeg and pumpkin spice
this is the taste of the season
snowflakes and frozen ponds
fireplaces and candles
this is the sight of the season
crunchy snow and sniffling noses
crackling wood and laughter
this is the sound of the season
roasted coffee and roasted turkey
peppermint and pine trees
this is the smell of the season
frozen fingers and wet gloves
soft scarves and wooly hats
this is the feeling of the season
comfort and joy
love and peace
this is the essence of the season


Two years and lots of LOVE <3

So we finally developed like 14 disposable cameras from like the last two years... ALL i have to say is that some of these are really funny... you have been warned! Others are actually really cool though, so yah!!!

This is winter camp '06... the one where like three tons of snow fell!!!

A pretty, artistic kinda shot :)

OK! so this one, i have no idea, but i took a picture of a tree that i though was really gorgeous and i guess God wanted to be in the picture too... i am amazed...

Best Buds :) <3

Summer camp '06, the funny thing is that i wore that same outfit this last summer camp... weird i know ;)

Jillian and Jori~ bus ride to summer camp '06

My BELOVED Andrea... Love her!

Her beloved Brad

Summer Camp '07 Cabin (minus Michelle, she wasnt in our cabin[?])

And then There was KY!

This year at camp, they actually served cheese for all meals and the food was great and they even set up the tables real nice :)

And Lastly

THE Official Senior Picture that goes in the yearbook... I finally chose one!


Senior Pictures!!!

Here are a few of my Senior Pictures...



and THAT my friends pretty much sums it up... :) And I LOVE JESUS! <3

one of my senior pics,,, more to come!


It's beginning to look alot like Christmas (well not so much but, you know...)

This morning I woke up to this....

All I can say is B-E-A-UTIFUL!

My two favorite things: Snow and Colorful trees :)
So my feet were pretty much freezing... I Love It!
It even snowed on our little BBQ :)
The poor flowers :(I am SO excited!!!
For all who were dredding the snow, all i can say is that it is already here and you cant fight it baby!



We are having worship day next wednesday the 24th in our bible study at Bend High... Pray for breakthrough! We love Jesus a lot and want to see salvation this week... so join with us and ask God for new salvation and for the heart of the prodicals. Thanks Guys ! Love you all :) <3


Janna's Make-Over!!!

!! Before You look at any of these pictures take note that no Janna's were hurt in the making of these photos, no matter how painful she actually seems to look. !!

This is what happens when Janna gets trapped by: Mama mo, Elyxis, Kaitlyn, Mykala, Paige, Jillian, Taryn, Rhiannien, Alyssa, and Kelsey...

no she's not throwing up....


Notice the extreme pinkness going on right now :]

This was lip gloss ---------~^

The final out come of the hair doooooo :)

for this one below, she actually stood side ways off of the wall ! ( not really, it just sounded good)

So, after this endevour, we have desided that the next step is a dress and heels... But this satisfies me enough for now!

-thank you to all who helped with this gorgeous outcome-


Me + Piano = Great JESUS Time