The "I missed GU" blessing...

So I have no cool pictures to go with this post but I figured that I would tell you about what God did in my life on the weekend I missed GU...

I woke up thursday morning to my mom saying that school had been cancelled due to the weather... YAH! that was my first reaction. But then i realized that it was probably a bad thing... "wasnt i supposed to be going to GU today?" OH CRAP! Soon there after i learned that the church decided that it was too dangerous for us to travel the pass (and that the passes were closed, anyways...). My weekend had been ruined. or so i thought.

To make a long chain of events short, we sent out a ton of texts and soon, about 8 girls were over at our house. We decided to make the best of our worst situation.

We ended up having an amazing worship time, followed by an amazing word from Cassie (by the way, to whoever this might concern, she needs to speak in 180 sometime...), and then we prayed it up until 1 in the morning. Jesus totally showed up!

Then we had a sleepover...that was fun :)

Then the next evening, i joined a group of kids at Jordan Wolfes Dad's shop (yah) and we worshiped God... I think my face fell off... it was that indescribable.

And then, to top it off, Student Leadership was really good...


"Get out of your box and wake up to the people who are dying around you"
"Your relationship with me has been hitting a wall because you havent been honest wiht me"
"Worship what you feel, instead of what you think i want to hear..."
"I love you so much"
"My presence is all that you need"
"You are anointed to lead worhsip" (I know, I nearly peed my pants.)
"It is ok to cry"
"You are a prophetess in training"
"I will and can use you"

I cant really list everything because it would take forever... but because I decided to make something of my time, instead of moping around, God totally showed up. Through others, and his still small voice, God told me thing i had been waiting for years to hear.

So here is the practical point of this... What made that weekend different than any other. If i commit to seek God in that same desperation, all the time, what would happent to my life? God is who he is, no matter where I am geographically, emotionally, spiritually, physically, or mentally. HE IS ALWAYS FAITHFUL TO DO WHAT HE SAID HE WILL DO!

To wrap it up, Jesus Rocks my socks off!