Seattle: Day 190

Im sitting here, on a rainy Tuesday night in Seattle, and the only thing I can think about is how good God is and how much he's blessed my life, in incredible ways and with incredible people. Seattle has been an amazing adventure so far. I love life here, so so much! God has taught me so much and has brought me closer and closer to him. I recently looked back at some prophetic words that I recieved concerning my time here in Seattle and I was literally speechless. It took a lot not to burst into tears as I read through all of these things and realized that God was actually doing them. I believed that God would do them, but somewhere in the back of my mind I assumed that it would be a long time until I began to see fruit after moving here. Thank goodness I was wrong, and God is a gracious God. It brings me so much satisfaction knowing that I'm smack-dab in the middle of what God has for me, right now, and that He has given me a specific grace for this very season. Don't get me wrong, I have definitely sown many tears, but JOY comes in the morning... I feel like the dawn is finally breaking. Praise the Lord. Looking at my life with my eyes alone, it feels a bit normal. However, God has been revealing to me his vantage point. My life here is nothing short of supernatural. Every day is a tool in my hand. Pastor Brian Houston from Hillsong preached at our church this past weekend and his word confirmed so many things in my heart. He spoke about how we cannot discount the day at hand because it's not where we want to be. It's God's gift to us that we can dream and hope for the future, yet it is also His will that we understand that life is short and living for today is one of the most effective ways we can advance the Kingdom of God. I can't let the dreams that God's given me for my future rob the gift that he's placed in my hands for today. The power of what I am doing right now is more effective for right now than just waiting around for the day that something "big" will happen. God is looking for chasers of his will and purpose, not people who sit back and wait for the call of God to come smack them in the face. God has definitely shown me what it is he has for me to do right now, so I have determined to do it with all my might. I don't want to miss what God has for me now, because of what I think I should be doing now or in the future. I have set my heart on the fact that God is my promoter- I don't have to make a way for myself and I don't have to prove myself. I focus on God, I get closer to God, He uses me, He gets the glory. That's the simple truth of it.
There's not time to even begin to scratch the surface of all that God has been doing in me. I'm falling more in love with him, by his grace. I realized that I came up here thinking I knew enough about God, for then at least, and wanted to figure out who I was. But I think my thinker was a little backwards. I'm finding that the more I try to figure out who I am, I get lost and find my eyes wandering from where I should be going. But the more I look to the Rock of the Ages, the Sure Foundation, the One from whom my help comes from, the Faithful One, the only Constant, Neverchanging, Everloving, God, full of Truth and Grace, when I look at him, then and only then, do I know who I am.

I justed passed my 6 month anniversary of living up here, and in about a week will be the one year anniversary of my first visit to Seattle and the church I now call home, The City Church. It has been the best experience of my life so far! I do not regret a thing.

And I would like to thank my mom, for always loving me and supporting me and sending me home with amazing food every time I come home for a visit. :) Love ya Momma!


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Katelyn said...

Beautiful post! I love what you said about how what we're doing right now is more important than the "big" thing that will happen. God is in today. Thanks for sharing. :)